Conference Services


Our goal is to make each conference we host the best in the series to date. Our rooms provide a high level of privacy, making them ideal for executive discussions, business meetings, and government engagements. Additionally, our halls have a seating capacity of 60 to 200 participants.

We pride ourselves on offering a personalized service to our clients, ensuring that nothing they request is too much trouble.

We provide advanced solutions, including digital media, Wi-Fi internet connection, sound amplification, combined control systems, video projection, and more.

Because of our central location and easy accessibility, Holiday Express Hotel is a top choice for conferences and meetings. As a result, we have invested greatly in improving the facilities necessary to make these functions successful, resourceful, and enjoyable.

The hotel has three conference halls with capacities of 50, 80, and 200 people.

Access our comfortable conference halls/rooms, which are equipped with all the necessary facilities to ensure the smooth running of your meetings.

Conference Facilities

holiday express hotel confrence room with projector
holiday express hotel confrence room